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Leaders of the Future

          I am often asked "Why are you involved with the Civil Air Patrol?"  The answer is that my passion to serve my country is nourished and challenged through the Civil Air Patrol. I have always wanted to serve my country, the United States of America. What better way to do so then to be involved with a program that produces leaders, future leaders, that will keep our country strong and healthy? 

          In the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, I serve my country daily as a squadron commander, organizing, preparing, role modeling and encouraging the cadets in our squadron.  I absolutely love my role. But I do not work alone. The success of the squadron is the result of the efforts of everyone, and our willingness to work together to reach that end goal -- leaders of the future.

          Each of the Senior Members in the squadron brings their unique past of experiences and freely, willingly, offers those experiences to the cadet members of the squadron.  Together, we are proud to be part of the training of such quality cadets--future leaders! We get excited when we hear that one of the cadets has been enrolled at a college or university, or that the cadet has been accepted into a military academy.  Imagine the role of this cadet in the future, imagine what this cadet will become. 

          Eric Boe (Colonel, USAF, Ret.) is a constant reminder of how the Civil Air Patrol program molded the life of a young person.  Boe worked his way through the Civil Air Patrol program, all the way through the Spaatz Achievement, to become first a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, then to become an Astronaut. Ultimately, Boe piloted mission 126 and 133 shuttles to the ISS. Who knows? Maybe a cadet from Albuquerque will be in that very same role someday in the future.

          The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program empowers cadets to become the person he or she wants to be for their future.  The Cadet Program trains them, the squadron team leaders give the cadets leadership experiences, then we watch as each cadet grows into a top-notch, quality, young person.

         Why am I in the Civil Air Patrol?  Because this is how I serve my country!  I am so very proud to enthusiastically serve my country by serving in the Albuquerque Heights Composite Squadron-- training the young people of our community to be leaders for our future.  

          If you are interested in becoming part of this process, of training leaders for our future, please contact me.  I will definitely head you in the direction of the Civil Air Patrol.

---Major Mary Fox, Commander, Albuquerque Heights Composite Squadron, Albuquerque, New Mexico


last updated 9/1/21

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