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Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol focuses its Aerospace Education efforts in two primary areas: external education and internal education.  External education engages with members of the public.  Through these efforts CAP:

  • Informs the general public about aviation and space activities.
  • Has supported thousands of AE workshops for teachers at colleges and universities around the country for over 40 years.
  • Maintains close working relationships with local education agencies and several national organizations such as the FAA, NASA and the Air Force Association to facilitate aerospace education in our schools.
  • Plans and co-sponsors the annual National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, held in different cities around the country. NCASE is the national convention for aerospace educators.
  • CAP’s internal aerospace education program focuses on CAP’s own members.  This program focuses on:
  • Educating CAP cadets and senior members on aviation and space activities.
  • Supporting cadet and senior members by providing trips to conventions, airports, military bases, the Kennedy Space Center, and other related places of aerospace interest.

More about Aerospace Education- National Headquarters link


Civil Air Patrol offers many opportunities to learn about the world of aerospace, from classroom learning to hands on flying experience.


Orientation Flights

Civil Air Patrol offers all cadets age 18 and under, 5 totally free orientation flights in powered aircraft, gliders, and hot air balloons. An orientation flight is exactly what it sounds like-- an hour of in the air learning to flying the aircraft! In addition to the five free orientation lessons, all cadets are offered unlimited backseat flights in powered aircraft! 



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