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Civil Air Patrol cadets participate in Weekly meetings.  During those meetings they are educated in the Aerospace Industry via hands on STEM activities, they are provided leadership education and opportunities to grow in leadership, and they are educated in emergency services (Search and Rescue).  The program also include opportunities to get into the aircraft --- and F L Y ! !

We also try to work in fun activities as well. 

White Water Rafting (2022)

Encampment (Every summer)

Orientation flights (periodically throughout the year)

Fundraising - Tag Sale (August each year)

Ninja Gym (Spring time most years)

Land of Enchantment Flyin (September each year)

Wreaths Across America (December each year)

Annual Open House (September each year)

Assist VFW Place and Pick up Flags for Memorial Day and Veterans Day (May and November)

Assist the Mayor's Officer with his Memorial Day and Veteran's Day Ceremonies (May and November)

Annual Awards Banquet (December each year)

Data Collection for Nasa (during Eclipses each year)




View Aerospace Activities 2021 album
20 Images
Glider simulator practice April 24, 2021. Spirit Cadets beta tested a new wing simulator program and setup.
View Kite Flying 2021 album
12 Images
Kite Flying Saturday, April 10, 2021
View Glider Flight June 5 2021 album
6 Images
Glider flights June 5, 2021 - an excellent day for flying!

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